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The Team

Our creative team


With a deep desire for being the foundation for succesive data-driven training planning, TeamAllOut is the most comprehensive provider.

In generelt we are tracking more and more in our everyday lives and in our training, However only few of us know how to use the data to correct the training according to their data. This is why data is the core of TeamAllOut.

Through years of practical training experience and a solid sports physiological theoretical foundation, we know what it takes to move you to the next level.

Unlike many others, we dedicate ourselves to the knowledge-based performance theories in our training plan.

We take nothing for granted, which is why everything is monitored and evaluated continuously, so you always train for an individualized training program focusing on improving your most important training areas.

Whether it is Vo2max, the Lactate threshold or your biomechanical working economy, we help you identify what, when and how.