Energy and supplementation strategy

DKK 250,00

Do you know your energy strategy for a half marathon, marathon or an IRONMAN?

Let us help you to give your the tool and knowledge for your specific energy and supplementations stragety for your A-race.

All data suggest that the athletes that ingest the appropriate and sufficient energy race the fastest. Have you worked with our energy intake?

We love working with data to give you the perfect preparation and conditions for your A-race.

  • Tailored energy plan for your A race
  • Making sure you do not run out of energy
  • Times the energy to the discipline
  • Adjusted the type of carbohydrate
  • Tracking amounts of micronutrients so we can fight cramps


  • 250 DKK / 30 EUR

If you wish to purchase our Energy and supplementations plan please send us the following with your email information.

  • Date and race and race distance
  • Weight and height
  • Preferred results of a fluid test on each discipline (see our suggesting for a test here)
  • Estimated race results (time for the specific disciplines)
  • Preferred energy brand and type of supplements
  • Specific possibility for aid stations and the type of supplements at these


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