Lactate testing – Running

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Want to run faster? We’ll find the answers for your comming trainingplan! We determin the lactate processes in your performances. We

Lactate plays not only a key part in energy production but indeed in athletic performance. No matter if you go for the sprint or for longer durations!

  • Performance testing on a treadmill or in the “wild”
  • Your individual Lactate trainingzones perscribed in W/kg and Puls
  • 100% individual training paces

Testing can take place at your location of choice. Let us know and we will find a solution and a price


Performance testing at your treadmill or in the “wild”

We can perform our test out in the real life on a track/circuit we decide together, or we can come to your house/pain cave and perform the tests. Whatever you choose we know what to do.

Test analyse of your results

After we are done with the hard work, we dig into the numbers. Which lets us analyse your effort and give us the unique insight into your body’s response on different intensities.

Your individual Lactate training zones prescribed in W/kg and Pulse

In our detailed analyses we can afterwards provide you with several training zones that are based on your just finished test. Parameters are express as Pace and Pulse.

100% individual training paces

We will identify your aerobic threshold as well as anaerobic threshold. This will give you the power to evaluate your current form.

Individual Training guidelines to your future training plan

We highlight your strength and weaknesses so you will know what to do in your future plan. Do you need to focus more on the low intense runs or is it high intensity training that should be your primary target?


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