Swim Test – know your Critical Swim Speed (Swim FTP)

DKK 250,00

You know your FTP on the bike, but what about your Critical Swim Speed (cor. swim FTP). And what about your stroke rate. Are you working efficient enough, do you make use of your Tempo Trainer?

We simply help you to get a better understanding of your swimming. With reference to a few data points we calculate a multiple range of statistics which gives you the competitive edge in swimming.

  • Find your race pace
  • Calculates swim results for your next race
  • Calculates Critical Swim Speed
  • Calculates Critical Stroke Rate
  • Gives exact training zones based on pace and stroke rate
  • Provides your with your individualized workout sets based on pace or Stroke Rate
  • Gives life to your stroke rate work and by this your Tempo Trainer


250 DKK / 30 EUR

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about the swim test.


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