Triathlon Training Planning

DKK 1.099,00 per month

Training for Triathlon?

How hard should your volume weeks be? Or how long should your taper be? How many w/kg is necessary for you to go sub 5 on the Ironman bike leg? From detailed analysis we plan a realistic season plan together with you. We combine your A races, B races with your often busy daily life.Personal training planning.

  • TrainingPeaks
  • On and offline coaching
  • Continuous field testing
  • Custom individualised workouts
  • Individualised trainingzoners based on watt/pace/puls
  • Data driven evaluation of workouts
  • Supplementationsplans for your A-Race
  • 30% discount on TeamAllOut Products
  • 20% discount on our nutrition partners (PurePower)

After your purchase of this training plan, we will contract you shortly to arrange a meeting (phone/person/skype or alike) so we can find common ground to plan your training. Your training plan and the following charges will be sent to you at the end of the each month, but of course you will only pay for the exact number of days we plan your training (date to date). That is only fair




Trainingpeaks is also knows as the golden standard in today’s sports coaching. That is why we teamed up with Trainingpeaks and use them in our training of you. You get detailed views of your progress can use the Trainingpeaks app to see your planed workouts and export these to your calendar. It does not get any easier

On and offline coaching

As well as planning your workouts online in Trainingpeaks we take time to talk to you and let you in on the plan. You will know how and why we coach as we do.

Continuously field testing

In your training plan we can provide you with lactate testing, but no matter if you choose to work with these or not we do continuously field testing of your current form. This way we can evaluate what works and what does not.

Custom individualised workouts

Based on your current form and own possibilities and time to train we adjust the individual workouts so they fit your weaknesses. That is why we will see you improve as effective as possible.

Individualised Training Zones based on watt/pace/pulse

During your training we will adjust your training zone. No matter if you work with pulse, pace or power. They way we know that the workouts will be targeting the intensity needed to pursuit your goals.

Data driving evaluation of workouts

You will with your coach get deeper insight into your key workouts. All workouts are important, but some are crucial to success. That is why your coach will help you understand and push you through some though sessions. But do not worry we will be with you all the way

Supplementations Plans for your A-Race

We provide you with an intensive plan for your A race. You will get a specific plan on what you ingest when in your race. We take your favorites supplements in considerations as well as the

30 % discount on TeamAllOut Products

When you sign up as a TeamAllOut athlete you receive and 30 % discount on all products (Excluding camps and events likewise on Favero or products already on a discount)

20 % discount on PurePower Nutrition

As a TeamAllOut Athlete you have possibilities to get 20 % discount from our danish Nutrition partners – PurePower. PurePower delivers first-class energy nutritions and recovery products as well. Purepower delivers first-class energy and restitution products to ensure optimal training conditions for your performing in training as well as competition and recovery time.


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